Connecting MCS with IFTTT

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up MCS with IFTTT. You can connect your MCS device with IFTTT and interact with many other IoT and social media service providers on IFTTT platform such as Google and Facebook.

Note: MCS currently interacts with IFTTT using Maker Channel. For more information about Maker Channel, please refer to this link.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect MCS with IFTTT to create a recipe that when the temperature data channel in MCS is above 30 degree, then turn on the switch data channel. To fulfill this, you need to create a prototype in MCS to have:

  1. a display integer data channel called temperature.
  2. a controller switch data channel called switch.
  3. create a test device.
  4. Go to Profile page and Apply for appId and appSecret.

Send MCS trigger to IFTTT

If you wish to send MCS trigger to any service on IFTTT platform, you will need to set up a webhook notification. To do this, it means you will make the notification as an IF criteria in your IFTTT recipe.

Let's assume we will send a webhook notification to IFTTT when the temperature data channel is above 30 degree as the IF criteria as an example.

  1. Obtain your unique webhook url on IFTTT. You can find this in the Maker Service settings page after logged in. User web browser to open the URL on your Maker Service setting page.
  2. You will find the URL as below:{event}/with/key/{your unique key}
  3. Create a recipe by click on New Applet.
  4. Click this link and choose Maker.
  5. Select Receive a web request.
  6. Enter the Event Name you like. For example: temperature_over_30. You will need this information when you set up the webhook notification in step 7.
  7. Go to MCS prototype notification page.
  8. Create a webhook notification called temperature_over_30 in the MCS prototype and input the Url as the following that you obtained in step 1.{Event Name}/with/key/{your unique key}
  9. You can also customized the message body you would like to send to IFTTT.
  10. Now you've completed setting up MCS to send trigger to IFTTT IF criteria.

Note: MCS support sending variable via webhook. If your IFTTT recipe needs to get additional information, you can use the ingredient that IFTTT provided and set the variable sent from MCS webhook to be the ingredient.

Receiving command from IFTTT

Let's finish the assumption if the temperature data channel is above 30 defree, then turn on the switch data channel.

When the temperature_over_30 in MCS is triggered, then we turn on the switch data channel in MCS via IFTTT.

  1. Go to the IFTTT website, and finish your IF criteria as previous paragraph.
  2. Continue creating the recipe by clicking on the that link.
  3. Choose Maker.
  4. Select Make a web request.
  5. Enter the Url as the following:{deviceId}/datapoints
  6. Select POST for Method.
  7. Select application/json for Content Type.
  8. Enter the body as the following:
     "appId":"{your appId}",
     "appSecret": "{your appSecret}",
         "values":{ "value":"1" }
  9. Click Create Action button to Finish.

Now you can test the IFTTT recipe by uploading an integer above 30 to MCS temperature data channel, then wait for a moment, you will see the switch data channel automatically turn on.