MediaTek Cloud Sandbox

MediaTek Cloud Sandbox (MCS) is a cloud based data service platform for Internet of Things devices.

MCS facilitates fast prototyping your IoT ideation to real solution.


MCS core features

Remote control

MCS allows you to directly control the devices from the web console directly anytime, anywhere. A special designed mobile application enables the developer to easily control the device or to view the uploaded data points.


Reliable Time series data storage

MCS provides time series data storage service allows you to view the visualized data gathered by the connected devices. You can see the current data and historical data by use the time filter to extract the time period of data you are interested in.


Firmware Over-the-Air (OTA)

You can upload firmware and push firmware to device directly. The developer can manage all the firmware for a prototype and select which test device is taking the upgrade.


Trigger and action

MCS enable you to set the trigger and the action for the test device. Whenever the trigger is activated, the corresponding actions will be triggered. The action includes sending email notification and GCM service.


User privilege access control

You can manage the access right for your prototype and test device to share the data to specific users to edit or to view only. The prototype and device can have separate user privilege access base on your needs.

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Viewer

Rich set of RESTful APIS

MCS provides a rich set of RESTfuls APIs facilitating the developers to upload and retrieve the data points, get connection, and get device information.

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